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Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to give answer of your questions

At Bank Sutra, you can apply loan from any category i.e. Individual, Business and Properties based loan. You can view sub categories of these loans from top menu of each page. You can also apply loan from home page mentioned in the large icons.

Currently you can apply using two ways:
1. Click on the type of loan you want to apply for
2. Enter Amount, Duration and State, City where you want to apply
3. Click on "Submit" Button
4. Choose your desired bank branch based on available options and click "Apply"

Depending upon the loan type, relevant documents submitted by you and your eligibility, It may take from 5 mins to 2 days on loan approval.
1. Once the loan is approved, verification process will start for all the documents and disclosures given by you.
2. This activity takes 2 working days to 10 working days (again depending upon type of loan taken).
3. Post verification, bank will call you for final formailities and contract sign.
4. Post which you will get the disbursement. Our Team and Loan Expert assigned to you will facilitate the entire process for you.

Bank DSA’s (direct selling Agents) are qualified people assigned by banks to help individuals for loan processing. The challenge comes in the process, if your loan expert/Bank DSA is not competent enough to understand the nitty-gritty of loan process, which increases the time from apply to final disbursement.
Bank Sutra provides a platform to end users to select the best DSA's and compare their services and rating before accepting them as their DSA.
Once a DSA is assigned, he will contact the applicant and connect you with loan providing agency usually Banks/NBFCs.
They also take care required documentation for Loan Application forms, they do basic check & validation to ensure that the documents are submitted as per the guidelines of the Banks/NBFCs.

There is no fees/money/commission required to pay either Bank Sutra/Loan Experts (DSA). However there could be some loan processing fees applied for different types of loan, which will be charged by Banks/NBFCs. However these need to be paid using Bank Cheques / Bank transfer i.e. NEFT, IMPS etc.

Once DSA/Loan Expert is assigned, he will be your single point of contact. However, In case of any issue or concern, you can contact Bank Sutra Customer Care, they will help to sort out the issue.
For any loan application status, Bank Sutra will update the status in your online application. Status update is subjected to information receieved from DSA/Bank, hence this may take some time. So, we would request to keep in touch with your DSA/Loan Expert.

Usually we assign the best DSA/Loan Expert available and their ratings are also based on previous customer experiences. Once the DSA/Loan Expert is assigned, they apply for the loan on your behalf with Bank. So, usually it is not advisable to change the DSA and it might delay your loan process. However in exceptional cases, Bank/NBFCs allows to change the DSA. To do this, a valid justification is required.
For any such issues, please contact Bank Sutra Customer Care. We will surely help you.

Yes, you can apply for multiple loans at the same time. You will be assigned single or different DSA/Loan Expert for each application.

It depends on the type of loan you are applying for. Normally all individual loans are preferred to be applied in the same city where you are residing. In case of some exceptions, business loans and property loans, Bank/NBFCs may accepts your loan application. However this may be on case to case basis. For more details, please contact Bank Sutra customer care.

Yes, you can apply for same type of loan to multiple bank/NBFCs but depending upon the type of loan. However, it is advisable to take disbursement from single bank. In case you are taking disbursement from both banks/NBFCs (ex. personal loan), you have to intimate this to both of them. Otherwise they may impact to your credit rating and contractual obligation with loan providing bank/NBFC.